Mainimbú – A welcome message of joy and happiness

A Guarani legend says that death is not the end of life, because when a person dies, he leaves his body on earth, but his soul lives on. It is also said that the soul detaches and flies away to hide in a flower and wait for a magical being. Then the „mainimbú“ (Guaraní name for the hummingbird) appears and collects the souls from the flowers to lovingly guide them to paradise. That is why he flies from flower to flower.

Hummingbirds are reliable and good organized friends. You can set your watch by them, they check their food storage a few times a day and always in the same sequence. Its nearly predictable, whats the next blossom.

The flying gems. Its always a kind of magic to see a hummingbird. Many cultures gives him symbolism and deeper signification. Generally the hummingbird is associated with luck and love, freedom and liberty. They are not so rare, spread all over the Americas but its hard to get them on a foto, this friend rests a little bit in the avocado in front of my balcony and I could focus. There have been two around, a nice pair, unfortunately I could not get them clearly on the foto but the avocados 🙂 may be tomorrow.

Often they are considered to represent a helpful spirit, a spirit guide or a messenger from the other side. A welcome message of joy and happiness. Seeing a hummingbird is always a positive sign and usually means that something good is about to happen and that we should enjoy life in the moment.

Hummingbirds appear in the mythology of so many tribes like the Hopis, Apache, Mojave, Pueblo, Cherockee, Atztec, Maya or Inka, with a bit different meanings but always with big admiration.

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