Christian Schnell

up to now Buying Agent, Freelancer, Digital Nomad and Vagabond in Brasil and Paraguay
up to 2012 Freelancer for Real Estate Brokers and Agencies, Berlin – Charlottenburg
up to 2004 Senior Administrator and Coordinator, Sinius, Siemens AG, Frankfurt/Main, Roßmarkt
up to 2001 Senior Administrator, Global Technologies and Services, Deutsche Bank AG, Frankfurt/Main, Roßmarkt.
up to 1999  volunteers, studies, travels, jobs, jobs, jobs ( LWV Kassel, HNA, VW, Deutsche Post, Deutsche Bahn, ZDF )

Credits to Vando Figueiredo, Fortaleza, Brasil
Thanks Vando for this

Christian Schnell

Paraguay ( engl.)

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Life is a thrill if your skill is developed and you know what you re doing